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Rest in Power Rest in Power

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Nice, just wondering is this a band or a mix of different songs? confused :P

PhantomWeight1 responds:

This is me and my buddies group Balance. The beats are produced by Teemu Toivanen (Sometimes by The Troubadour [third verse] as well), or Timmy Wadap, my dude from Finland, he spits too, he just happens to not have done a verse on this track but there will be more with him on it. Anyways, we made a group together (Balance) and everyone in this song is a part of it except the kid who did the second verse, T. Rads. I met him a couple months ago through work and we made a couple songs together too.

I appreciate the listen tho man, it means a lot!

FS: Between The Bars FS: Between The Bars

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wow, great voice! Should post to YouTube, link me if you do?

FairSquare responds:

Thanks! I've already posted some stuff on youtube. Here you go:
(delete the spaces out of the link)